WELCOME to Acne Care!  Where there is HOPE for the acne sufferer. A facility dedicated to the treatment of acne prone skin. Here you will learn what is causing your acne, dispell myths about acne and learn how to use acne fighting ingredients the correct way. It is not only about using the right products to kill bacteria  but learning how to use them in a systematic way so that your skin will not become tolerant causing the ingredients to quit working effectively. If you are one of many, who have tried countless over the counter solutions ,seen a  Dermatologist , topical and oral persrciption strength medications and still see little to no improvements in your skin , you are not alone. The system for acne fighting treatments that Acne Care follows has been trusted for over 10 years and sees a 95% success rate to clearing current acne breakouts and containing future acne . Here, Licensed Aesthetician Grace Poteet, creates a close cummunicative relationship with each client. She will help ease the painful process of struggling with acne by empathizing with the way you, or a loved one, feels in an understanding and compassionate way.

Experience a comforting environment without the dreaded long waiting rooms. You will find yourself exchanging a low self esteem for a happier, more confident YOU!



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