Licensed Aesthetician Grace Poteet is a Murfreesboro native. She graduated from Georgia Career Institute, Murfreesboro, in 2006. She has always had a heart to serve and to help those around her and in the field of esthetics, treating and helping clients who are suffering with acne has been her greatest desire. Having formerly suffered with acne herself she understands first hand the emotional devestaton this skin condition can have. She set out to find that one product to "clear" her skin and learned much in the process. She furthered her education by training under Face Reality's Acne Clinic based out of California. Their system was influenced by the late Dr.James Fulton ,co-developer of Retin-A and author of Acne RX.  She is passionate about this approach to treating acne because of the results she and others have personally experienced. People who have been suffering with breakouts for over 15 years are getting results. Many clients come in having tried everything from Dermatologists, oral and topical perscriptions, Proactive, Obagi, many other products and have still suffered with breakouts until coming to Acne Care!

Her philosophy for treating acne is simple; everyone is treated as an individual. It is not a one size fits all approach. We are all uniquely created and what products work for one do not always work for the other. When treating acne there is much to consider. Grace has the time and knowledge to help you contain this very frustrating and devastating skin disease.


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