Lifestyle Choices That affect Acne


*Content is courtesy of Face Reality Acne Clinic.*

  • Reduce Stress and Get Enough Sleep
    Stress stimulates the adrenal gland and in the acne-prone individual, the adrenal gland promotes oil production which leads to clogged pores.
  • No Picking or Squeezing!
    Instead, rub ice on pustules and pimples for a couple of minutes, twice a day. Try to catch them when they are first forming and they most likely will go away.
  • **IMPORTANT – If you pick, squeeze and break the skin, that scab will leave a red mark that will be there for months making your skin look WAY worse than if you left it alone.
  • Use Fragrance-Free Detergents
    Examples of these are Cheer Free, All Free & Clear, Tide Free, Arm & Hammer Free but there are many on the market.
  • No Fabric Softener
    Do not use this in the washer and/or the dryer (no dryer sheets). The waxy residue gets on your pillowcases, towels, wash cloths and sheets that have direct contact with the skin. It will clog pores on acne-prone individuals. If you are want something to stop static cling in your dryer, you can get anti-static balls at Bed Bath and Beyond.
  • No Water Softeners
    There is some evidence that water softeners can lead to acne, especially those containing high amounts of potassium chloride.
  • Sun Exposure and Acne.
    Although sun exposure causes desirable scaling and drying, it also damages the follicle, exacerbates hyperpigmentation, causes skin cancer and premature aging
    Warm climates with heat and humidity can exacerbate acne.
  • You will be using a noncomedogenic sunscreen every day, not just to protect your skin from the sun, but to keep your skin hydrated during the day.
  • **IMPORTANT - Using it will keep your skin from getting dry from acne products!
  • No “Lo” Dose Birth Control Pills
    Avoid low estrogen birth control pills. “Lo” dose pills are higher in androgen hormones that can make acne-prone skin worse.
  • Other Birth Control and Hormone Replacement
    Norplant, Provera, and Depo-Provera shots, Mirena and Nuvo Rings can cause breakouts.
    Also progesterone hormone replacement Premarin can be problematic. If you have polycystic ovaries, they will cause hormonal changes and breakout.
  • For Swimmers
    Swimming pool disinfectants contain Iodides and Chlorine, which can remain in the water, causing skin problems for frequent swimmers. Many swimmers find that the combination of hot and humid weather, the physical exercise of swimming and the chlorinated pools, can cause major acne flare-ups.

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