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45 MINUTE CONSULTATION The first step to acne treatments is an in- depth consultation where you will learn what will be most effective for your specific acne type. At this time your skin will be tested for product sensitivities. $40

ACNE TREATMENTS  / ADD ON BACK OR CHEST Acne treatments are bimonthly for 3-6 months. During each treatment you will receive skin sensitivitie testing , cleansing and a chemical peel or hydrating treatment $75/$45

1 HOUR STRESS RELIEVING FACIAL MASSAGE Stress produces hormones that casue breakouts. Relieve your stress by indulging in a pampering facial massage , including the shoulders, dècollete and neck. This massage will have you fully relaxed from the inside out. It is topped  off with a treatment mask to have your skin thouroughly cleansed and rehydrated. $80

DERMAPLANING  Remove dead skin cells and vellous hair and enjoy soft, touchable skin.Your products will penetrate deeper and your makeup has never gone on so smooth $50

DERMAPLANE FACIAL $105                


MINERALOGIE MINERAL MAKEUP 9 grams $42                                                                  

Mineralogie  minerals SPF 26  are 100% pure minerals that will be custom blended to your unique shade. These minerals are completely free of ALL pore clogging ingredients that irritate and cause more breakouts. With vitamins A&E your skin will have a more smooth and radiant glow.



  • brow wax               $10
  • lip wax                    $12
  • chin wax                 $15
  • underarm wax       $15
  • full back wax         $45 and up 
  • half back wax        $35
  • chest wax                $35
  • full arm wax           $40 
  • half arm wax          $30
  • full leg wax             $55 and up
  • half leg wax            $45
  • bikini wax               $25
  • french bikini wax  $40 

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