Lauren Gossett — 5 stars! Grace is awesome! She is very experienced and full of knowledge! She has such a caring heart and truly wants the best for her clients. Highly recommend!


Carol Warren — 5 stars! Grace is an amazing part of this business ! Her concern and kindness is very welcoming and the results are outstanding. Anyone with acne problems will be recommended to Acne Care!!


Elizabeth  ---"DESPARATE!!! That was me. Starting with my very first zit at the age of 13 I woud spend my teens and the best part of my 20's experencing acne on every level including my back and chest! That first zit came on my forehead and spread like a wildfire for the next 20 years. I was diagnosed with oily skin,tagged onto my inflamed ,pustual  acne then tiny bumps all under the skin kind of acne. I headed to the Clinique counter to buy my very first skin care regimen ... facial soap,clarifying lotion (aka toner) and moisturizing lotion. After using this for 6 months and my skin going from bad to worse I convinced my mother it was time to visit our local  dermatologist.Through my teen years i bounced around doctors who all diagnosed me with oily skin and treated my with purpose soap and Retin A. At this point I am 19 and fed up with my skin. Besides being embarassed by it, I refused to swim or do any physical activity while infront of others for fear it would remove my makeup. I then hear about an aesthetician 45 minutes away that works under a dermatologist and is having clients with amazing results! Could this be it? The answer to my prayers over the past 6 years!!? I was hopeful. After 1 year of seeing her ; visits including, micro-derm, and chemical peels, I then fell into depression- I did not  want to leave the house or have to look someone in the face. My acne was full blown! A disaster exploding on my face!! The aesthetician told me I was 5% of clients who responded negatively to treatments. Great, now what? Enter my 20's,  I commited to every product I tried. I began a laundry list of products  and quite a large bill, including Obagi,Proactive,Mario Badescu,Dermalagica,Perricone ,Murad ,Therapy Systems...NOTHING WORKED!!! Nothing helped my skin :( One product would begin to clear and then escalade to a demontrous effect. I give up...I guess this is how its to be.. THEN!,,I found ACNE CARE  , still breaking out with cystic acne at 33 and my new aesthetician told me that not  all acne prone skin is equal. She took the time to coach me on adjusting my skincare so that it would not adapt (meaning get clear for a while then start breaking out again) and how with following  her homecare regimen , checking labels on all products and getting off heavily toxifying makeup that my skin could heal under her care and then we could work on containing it. I saw results in 4 months and 1 year later my skin looks great!! For the first time since i was a kid! Grace is amazing!Please go and let her help you make your skin glow!


Ashley ---Never believed in mineral makeup!! Tried various brands before.Then i found mineralogie. I love the custom blending bar because now i dont struggle with the dreaded makeup line. I put it on in the mornig , never get oily anymore throughout the day and still look fresh in the evening!


Betty 10/29/2014 "Had a great facial,So realxing! Best ever"


Ashley Sparrow---Grace is amazing! She is so professional & friendly! Highly recommend her!


Mark Hardison 2014 Five Stars!! Grace is wonderful. Very professional and helped me with my skin care needs


Debbie Herndon11/05/2014 Enjoyed a facial today!!! Very relaxing, peaceful and healing time!!! Would highly recommend this to everybody!! Thank you Grace!!!



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